Survival app – Last Survivors will guide you in what to do in many difficult situations.
With this survival app you will know what to do before the disaster.

First survive in nature. In this direction, there are many issues such as;

Lighting fire ?, Sheltering ⛺, Finding water ?, Food ? ?, Hunting ?, First aid ? ? ?‍ ⚕️, Survival bag ?., Knots ➿, Protect from animals ?, Animal foot prints ?, Natural Disasters ?⛈️

Survival App – Underground Shelters

In what circumstances are they useable?

  • War
  • Nuclear disasters
  • Natural disasters like tornado, hurricane
  • Against mass epidemic diseases
  • Against very high and very low temperatures

Structure, location;
Underground shelters should be positioned at least 6-8mt below the ground to provide real protection. Structurally, the most powerful shape is the cylindrical one. Many tunnels use cylindrical shape. Metal or concrete -resistant to rust and corrosion- should be preferred as material. If materials that do not go through the shelter’s entrance will be placed, they should be placed inside before closing the shelter. For sewage wastes, a tank is sufficient. In case of a overflow, a perforated structure needs to be preferred at the top of this tank so that the liquid can be absorbed by the soil.

Survival App – Natural Disasters

Here are the precautions you need to take in the next steps, at home or at work;

  • İmmobilisation of items that can fall at the time of an earthquake
  • You should prepare a earthquake bag and this bag must be easily found. The materials in this bag will consist of the items thet you can use both when you are inside and when you are outside. So you can use the same bag as we need to survive both in the nature and earthquake. (In addition, you can keep copies of some important information such as your family’s identity cards, important medication prescriptions, and property deeds. )
  • Choose a sheltered place to avoid earthquakes with minimal damage (Stand with solid structures that you can create life triangles)
  • Remember to stay away from exterior walls and windows. It can collapse easily and broken glasses can give you harm. If you know the structure of the building, it will be beneficial if you choose the inner corridors where the columns are more common.
  • Do not forget that you should not stay under the items can fall your head like a chandelier.
  • Fixing of wheeled items is necessary. They can bump into you repeatedly by moving quickly during the earthquake.
  • Remember to stay at the appropriate position during an earthquake (Take your head between your hands and lie on your side and pull your feet to yourself)
  • The quickest solution to the smallest concrete pieces that will fall on you, is to cover the carpet on your body. If you do not have carpet, you should protect your head first with pillows around. So it will be safe for you to have these kinds of materials nearby..
  • If you have children, you must tell them beforehand what to do when an earthquake happens. You should even practise what they will be doing in the event of an earthquake, as if there is one. Also inform them what not do at the same time.
  • If you have natural gas in your house, you should close it in case. Usually there is a valve next to the natural gas clock at the entrance of your apartment. You may also be able to turn off your electrical switches in case of a electricity leak. You should close the water coming to your apartment.So it’s really important to know in advance where they are and how to close them. (Even if you do these after the earthquake, it will prevent many possible dangers.)
  • Spot the large open areas near your home and workplace where you are often visit. Use these open spaces as a safe place for an earthquake.

Animated Knots

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