What will you have with this Survival App?

All the information needed to survive in nature, in the city and everywhere ...

Learn to survive in nature

Make a fire, make shelter, find water, find food, find directions, hunt, first aid...

Prepared for Natural Disasters

The world is becoming a bad place. Earthquakes, tsunamis, storms increased and their violence increased. ⛈️

Works without the phone, even without the Internet

Even if you're in the city, all lines are usually locked in the event of a disaster. In nature, phone service is not available many places.

What should be in your bag?

All the materials needed for camping. You also need to find and disinfect water. Fire, first aid, tools and equipment ...


Animal footprint
Measures to be taken against animals in the camp and in walking. All type traps.

Operational use of your device

Charging with the use of the phone and different charging methods in the event of a danger.

Survival app – Last Survivors about some content…

Camp Fire and Cooking

Underground Shelters


Animated Knots

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